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WELCOME to Phase II of the newest, most exciting fitness competition, the World's Sexiest Physique - USA, where we are in search of America's next leading man and leading lady. 

We are excited to have you here! As soon as we get a minimum of eight entries in your State, your State opens up for the "Screen Test Preliminaries" and you will be sent a link to submit more detailed information about yourself as well as photos and an intro video. So start planning your shoot and writing your script for your video.   


The producers will evaluate all submissions for "star quality" using a scoring system. 


In Phase II, the selection committee will evaluate each entry based on the information and content you submit.  Only up to fifty delegates with the highest scores will move on to compete for their State title in each State. 

Until then, begin getting prepared as follows: 

1. Get familiar with the rules of Phase II and Phase III. 

2. Begin getting the following recent hight quality photos together to submit when requested. (see the rules and regulations for more details.  


  •     Headshot 

  •     Formal Wear

  •     Fashion Wear

  •     Physique (swimwear, posing trunks/suit...)

3. Prepare a high definition intro video to give us and the viewers insight into your life.  

4. Let your gym buddies know so they can submit as well.  You will receive a $5.00 credit towards your entry fees for each entrant who qualifies for Phase III - the State Title Competition. Make sure they enter your name in the referred by field exactly as you registered.  

5. Invite your friends and family to sign up as fans through this link as they will be given opportunities to vote to support you.

If you make it to Phase III - State Title Competition, you will embark on up to a three month online reality competition journey, so be ready.


Before Phase III begins, you will receive a personal sponsorship package to help you secure local businesses, friends and family to support you in covering your costs.  You will also receive marketing material to promote yourself in and around your hometown.  


More information will be provided in the Phase III packet. 


In Phase III - State Tile Competition  one male and one female will win the State title and go on to compete in the Phase IV- National Elimination Rounds.  At the end of Phase IV, only thirteen delegates will remain in each of the two divisions.  At this time this phase will be online.  However if we generate enough interest and sponsors, the delegates will convene at a place in Texas to live under one roof during this phase ala "Big Brother" type environment, where the delegates will be trained in all aspects of being an action hero star and go through the weekly elimination process. 

Those delegates will go on to compete for the national crown live on a stage in the great State of Texas. 

For now, get your Phase II content in order and ready to submit when the time is announced. 

It will be a fun time for all.  LET THE GOOD TIES ROLL!   

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