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The demands of a top leading man or top leading lady in an action-packed blockbuster movie for television or the big screen require great discipline to get in top physical shape and strength to make the scenes believable and engaging for their fans. And we all know that there is no one more disciplined than those who go to the gym religiously to keep their physiques in the likes of Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Welcome to the official site of the USA Phase 1 Screen Test Evaluation registration page for the Worlds Sexiest Physique competition system. Registering below is the first step to enter the competition. The World's Sexiest Physique, in search of America's next Leading Man and Leading Lady will be conducted in four phases. If you are here, you are ready to take your health and fitness game to the next level and we want to be a part of helping you get there.  

Screen Test Evaluation Registration

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Thank You for your submission. You will now be directed to payment page.

By submitting this registration form, you attest you read and agree to our terms of agreement,  privacy policy and our delegate rules and regulations. 

The World's Sexiest Physique USA, brought to you by i-World Productions is a national on-line competition.  A Mr USA and a Ms USA will be crowned in the national finals of Phase 4.i-World Productions is launching "Worlds Sexiest Physique" an original on-line fitness/talent reality competition as a vehicle to provide fitness enthusiasts an opportunity to enter the entertainment industry by winning the title of Mr USA Word's Sexiest Physique, or Ms USA World's Sexiest Physique. Profits from the 2021-2022 competition will benefit Producer Shed, a 501c3 non-profit working on advancing Latinos in American Internet, Television and Cinema entertainment. 

The Worlds Sexiest Physique USA competition runs nationally online for three months. The dates will be announced to registered fans. The delegate will get narrowed down to thirteen men and thirteen ladies who obtain the highest combined scores of judge scores and fan votes in various physique and talent categories throughout the four phases. The thirteen male and thirteen female finalists will compete for the title on the final weekend. 


Aside from bragging rights to the title for the rest of their life, the winners prize package includes the crown and banner, cash and prizes will be added as more sponsors jump on board.  i-World Productions will facilitate opportunities through indie-films to forever engrain the winners names in television and film entertainment as the newest Hollywood leading man and leading lady.

In the Phase 1 preliminaries, the producers will evaluate the entries for "star quality" using a scoring system and select up to a maximum of 50 males and 50 females in addition to the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands to compete on-line in Phase 2 for their respective State title. The $45,00 screen test evaluation registration fee for Phase 1, is a tax deductible donation which will go to Producer Shed a 501c3 non-profit working on supporting and creating projects in entertainment which are inclusive of a minimum of 50% Latinos in lead roles as well as behind the camera crew but do not exclude anyone.

Entrants who make the cuts will compete in various categories in Phases 2-4 including but not limited to formal wear, fashion, talent, and of course physique. The audience will also be able to vote for their favorites.  Only one male and one female in each State will win their State title and move on to compete in the elimination round of the National competition in Phase 3. More information will be provided to those who win their State title. 

Those who make the Phase 1 cut into Phase 2, will receive a schedule of competition fees to be submitted as they progress in the competition along with Sponsor Agreement forms to help them find supporters to cover expenses of competing.  

To register for Phase 1, fill out the form below and submit a simple 30 second HD video introducing yourself, high quality headshot, a full body shot in your favorite swimsuit or competition posing attire, and your best leading man or lady evening or formal wear photo. All photos and video must be current and not edited/enhanced in any way.

Only fifty entries per state will qualify to compete for the Phase 2, Mr. or Ms. State title. You can choose to compete representing the State you currently live in, the State you were born in, or a State in which you lived more than 2 years. Once you select your State, you cannot change it.

2021 is our launch year for this competition system and we already have interest from other countries in holding a competition in their countries.   Once we role out this competition to a minimum of 25 countries, we plan to hold an annual competition for the world titles. In the meantime we are working on perfecting the USA competition and you could be the first Mr or Ms USA World's Sexiest Physique. 

So get your video and your photos ready to upload and fill out the Screen Test Evaluation registration form below to begin your screen test evaluation and be on your way to win the inaugural USA national title. 

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