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Texas based i-World Productions formerly El Mundo Productions, is dedicated to creating and developing video content for mainstream Internet,  television and film distribution which is inclusive of Latino talent. i-World Productions was a pioneer in streaming entertainment and in 2006 created and produced “Alamo Heights SA”, the first dramatic soap opera developed for the world-wide web in two languages which also crossed over to television..


Since, i-World Productions has produced numerous short-films and beauty competitions such as Miss Hawaiian Tropic San Antonio, Miss American Beauty, Miss Latina American Beauty and Mr & Ms  Sexy USA.


All profits from the competition will go to Producer Shed, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to inclusiveness of Latinos in American entertainment. 

Ms Sexy USA.jpg

Mr Sexy USA

Miss American Beauty.jpg
Miss Latina American Beauty.jpg

Miss American Beauty

Miss Latina American Beauty

Miss Hawaiian Tropic SA.png

Miss Hawaiian Tropic SA

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hs cesar.jpg

   Ms Sexy USA  

Antoine HS.jpg
Rick Cuéllar
Jessica Costales
Cesar Berrones
Antoine Seydoux



Rick a former International Business consultant for fortune 500 companies changed careers midstream to work on creating entertainment content inclusive of Latinos in principal roles playing American characters and also inclusive in key crew positions.  Rick re-enrolled in college to formally study television and film production.


In 2006, as a pioneer in streaming video, Rick created and wrote Alamo Heights SA, the first dramatic soap opera produced featuring two wealthy Latino families in a cross border relationship. Between 2007 and 2020 Rick devoted his time to research and development in order to create a strategic plan to accomplish his mission. During this time he met with heads of tv networks, industry professionals, institutions of higher learning and politicians to keep the momentum moving. 


In 2020, he launched Producer Shed, a non-profit making a concerted effort to increase Latino presence in entertainment.  


Rick holds a BBA in International Business and a BA in Human Relations from the University of the Incarnate Word.

Rick is a native of the USA and is fluent in English and Spanish. .



Jessica was born in Ecuador. She came to the USA at an early age and grew up in a military family. She earned a BA in Communications from the University of Texas San Antonio.


Her first film as writer/director, "Love Transcending" was an official selection for the 2019 SA Film Festival. She also wrote, directed and produced "A Thousand Year Reset" short film shot in Switzerland and the USA. Jessica has worked on numerous independent short films.

Jessica is a native of Ecuador. 

and is fluent in English, Spanish and Japanese.



Cesar is a graduate of the Art Institute of San Antonio where he earned his BA in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production. 


He has produced numerous commercial projects as well as private events and worked on many independent short films.  He is an expert in camera work as well as editing.

Cesar is a native of Mexico and is fluent in English and Spanish. 



Antonine is a founding member of the Lausanne Mobile Film Festival in Switzerland.


He is a script writer, actor and web redactor. 

Antoine is a native of France and raised in Switzerland.  He is fluent in French, English, Italian, and Spanish, 



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